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Materibindo.com - Pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan membagikan contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris untuk 8 orang tentang legenda Cindelaras. 

Sebelum itu kita harus mengetahui pengertian teks drama, menurut Harymawan RMA drama adalah kualitas komunikasi, situasi, aksi (segala apa yang nampak di pentas) yang menimbulkan perhatian, kehebatan, dan ketegangan pada penonton.

Adapun struktur drama terdiri atas tiga bagian, yakni prolog, dialog dan epilog. Contoh teks dialog drama bahasa Inggris di bawah ini untuk adegan drama yang dimainkan oleh 8 orang.

Contoh Teks Drama Bahasa Inggris 8 Orang

contoh naskah drama bahasa inggris legenda cindelaras

Judul: Cindelaras

Tema: Legenda

Jenis: Drama singkat

Jumlah pemeran: 8 (enam) orang

Karakter: Royal Physician, Raden Putra, The Queen, Hawk, Cindelaras, Dragon, The Guard, The Rooster

Jenggala kingdom was very famous in eleventh century, around the year Of 1100. King known as Raden Putra . Once upon a time Raden Putra extrude the beautiful Queen , because provoked by royal physician .

Royal Physician : “Your Mejesty, the Queen poisoned your mother and want to rule the Jenggala kingdom”.

Raden Putra : “Is that right ?”

Royal Physician : “I swear, I saw she do that ! I never lie to you, Your Majesty! “

The Queen : “What happened , Your Majesty ?”

Raden Putra : “ I will extrude and exil you in the middle of Bantara Forest !“

The Queen was very sad and at that time , the Queen was pregnant, but Raden Putra would not know it.

After a few month , born baby boy , named cindelaras. he grew to smart and handsome boy. He had friends with forester. Like :  Deer ,  Monkey , Buffalo, bird and Dragon . One day , when Cindelaras was playing. a Hawk came and gave egg.

A Hawk : “Son, i will give the egg , someday, it will be helpful for you ”

Cindelaras :“Oh, Hawk you are very nice. Thank you ! I will hatch it.”

Then the egg deposited to dragon for keep it.

Cindelaras : “Oh my best friend, keep the egg until it hatch !“

A dragon : ” I will keep it as like as keep my self !”

After three weeks, the egg was hatch and grew to be strong rooster. Cindelaras’s rooster always won in the risking chicken.

Cindelaras : “ Mom, I have a strong rooster, the rooster always win in the risking chicken. “

The Queen : “ Really ?, I proud of you . son, I will tell you who is your father ! Actually, Raden Putra from Jenggala”

Cindelaras : “Is that right mom ?, so I will meet my father in the Jenggala Kingdom”

The Queen : “ Be carefull son!”

On the way ,there were some people who was risking chicken. Several times pitted , the rooster unbeated . News about the greatness of rooster Cindelaras spread quickly . Raden Putra heard that. Then, Raden Putra asked guards to invite Cindelaras.

The Guard : “ The King invite you in the town squere tomorrow. He ask your rooster for follow the risking chicken to fight with the rooster of the majesty”

Cindelaras : “ Okay, I will come tomorrow “

In the town square. The audience already crowded. Cindelaras brought his rooster and gave respectful to Raden Putra.

Raden Putra :”Hem, this child is smart and handsome. I think, he wasn’t descent of rabble.”

In a short time, The rooster can defeated king’s rooster. The audience praised Cindelaras and his rooster

Raden Putra :”well, I admit defeat, but who are you, son ?”

Cindelaras immediately gave respectful to Raden Putra, but he suggested something to his rooster too.

Cindelaras : “ Tell the history about me, please !”

The rooster : “ Kukuruyuk , I am a Cindelaras’s hero , his house in the middle of “ Alas “ his roof from “ Klaras “ leaf . His father Raden Putra. Kukuruyuk 3x”.

Raden Putra shocked to hear the Cindelaras’s rooster crow.

Raden Putra :“ Is that right? “

Cindelaras :”Thats right, your Majesty, my mother is your Queen and she live in the middle of Banthara Forest “

Raden Putra looked pensive. Felt that he was wrong for giving punisment to his Queen.

Raden putra :”Actually, I love her very much.who is wrong, Should be punished.”

The king embraced Cindelaras and he invited the Queen. The king didn’t forget to apologize for all his mistakes.

Raden Putra : “ I’m so sorry my wife. I provoked by my royal physician, will you return to the Jenggala Kingdom ? We will live happily in there”

The Queen :”I miss it, your majesty”

Finally, They lived harmonious. When Cindelaras became a King. He ruled the goverment justly and wisely. So, The people became prosperous.

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